Uncontrollable periods

Procedure: Endometrial ablation

Consultant: Mr Adam Moors

“Mr Moors treated me with the utmost professionalism at all times”

After having uncontrollable and continuous periods for the duration of two months, I made an appointment to see my GP and, from there, a consultation with Mr Adam Moors. By that point, things had become extremely distressing, as I was unable to wear light coloured clothing, unable to sit comfortably on light coloured upholstery and felt conscious when using the toilet due to the embarrassment it was causing me – it was a very, very unhappy time of my life.

Mr Moors immediately put me at ease and made me feel as though my troubles were fading before we had even achieved anything. After my first appointment, Mr Moors explained he would recommend for me a relatively new procedure called an endometrial ablation, which would be a better option for me than a hysterectomy – something I wanted to avoid and did not feel ready for. I was told this could be performed as a day case at the Spire Hospital in Southampton under a general anaesthetic.

Before the operation, Mr Moors had explained that my period could return much lighter or may stop completely – we would only find out afterwards. 

The recovery time for this operation was quick and required me to have just a few days of rest and, after a couple of weeks of expected bleeding post-operation, my period has returned much lighter. 

Mr Moors treated me with the utmost professionalism at all times, but also made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and I would recommend this treatment to anyone in my situation. Upon returning to a follow up appointment with Mr Moors, he asked how I felt and I explained to him there was no need for me to even give a response – he could just take a look at the immense smile on my face to realise how my life had changed dramatically. 

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