Period problems

Procedure: Full hysterectomy

Consultant: Mr Keith Louden 

“I look well, feel energetic all the time, sleep properly and feel sexier than I have in years”

For five years I have suffered unnecessarily with periods and all that went with them. I describe the last couple of years before my hysterectomy as having a disability. I had to plan around each month – when to take my holiday from work – what clothes to wear – not organising social events – did I have enough Tampax, sanitary towels and pain killers for the next month – it was a horrible time for me particularly and also my family. It wasn’t just the bleeding that was inconvenient – my skin erupted each month, I bloated horribly and my breast size fluctuated two cup sizes – not to mention the discomfort. But because the disability came from periods – something that all women have to contend with – I just got on with it – hoping next month would be easier.

I had lunch with a girlfriend end of the summer – who informed me a year ago she had had a hysterectomy and felt re-born – a new woman. The rest of lunch consisted of my finding out the smallest detail of what went on.

That afternoon I researched and made an appointment to see Mr Louden – Gynaechoice.

Rarely today do I feel content with service received in any sector – but as soon as I set foot into Mr Louden’s office I felt that this was the right thing to be doing. After a long and detailed appointment – my options were presented to me. I drove home knowing exactly what it was I wanted to do – I had had a marvellous experience – I had been dealt with by an expert.

Three weeks later my appointment was booked for a full hysterectomy. I had never been so sure of a decision in my life. Something that had been said throughout one of the appointments was –

“Imagine your life with no periods and your hormones stable at one level”…. Yes please!!

I am now ten weeks after my operation, and life is fabulous – I look well, feel energetic all the time – sleep properly – feel sexier than I have in years.

I was fortunate to have had keyhole surgery – so no major incision – my tummy still looks like my own – everything else has healed beautifully. My breasts are the best bit – no more hard, hurting vein ridden lumps – just funny old bosoms!!! There was a fair amount of planning around the time off but a summer holiday needs military precision planning – so this really wasn’t any worse.

I am 44 years old – I didn’t want to be in the prime of my life having to manage any more with something I could so easily get sorted. I’m afraid I am now a bit of an apostle when it comes to this procedure, any women who are in any doubt get it done life is too jolly short!!

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