Heavy Periods

Procedure: Sub-total Hysterectomy

Consultant: Mr Keith Louden & Mr Adam Moors

My new life has started

I suffered very heavy periods for the last 4-5 years but thought that this was normal as I was getting older. It got to a point where I thought perhaps this wasn’t normal and I did have a problem. My life revolved around my periods, to the point where I had to plan my holidays and social events, I had even booked days holidays off work as I definitely couldn’t be anywhere else but home whilst on my periods which seemed to go on for days.

I had been to see my GP on many occasions and explained my situation. For the last two to three years I was prescribed two different sorts of tablets that didn’t help at all. I spoke to my GP and explained that my life was not my own and surely there was something else that could be done. I had a scan, followed by a hysteroscopy that confirmed that I had a very large fibroid amongst many other fibroids and also had Adenomyosis.

I was referred to Mr Louden (who I have to say is one of the nicest men I have ever met), the word hysterectomy put so much fear into me that my initial reaction was no I’m not having a hysterectomy. Mr Louden explained that because of the size of the fibroids the best option I had was to have what is called a ‘Sub-total Hysterectomy’ (which leaves the ovaries & cervix intact).

I had to have an injection (Zoladex) once a month for three months to help reduce the fibroids before my laparoscopic operation. I was in hospital for two days, and was pleasantly surprised after the operation, I was in no pain at all and after three weeks my new life had started.

I can’t put in to words how grateful I really am to Mr Louden and Mr Moors. If there is anybody reading this that has got to have the same operation as me, don’t hesitate, trust Mr Louden totally – he knows exactly what he’s doing and is a real expert and what he says is absolutely true. Many thanks again to Mr Louden and Mr Moors for giving me my life back. I am so grateful. Thank you.

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