Heavy and painful periods

Procedure: Novasure endometrial ablation

Consultant: Mr Keith Louden

“No bleeding, spotting, cramps, crippling pain, bloating or mood swings (my husband is very grateful)”

I have suffered from very heavy and painful periods for the last ten years gradually getting worse as I reached my mid-40s. I thought this was an inevitable part of the female aging process. Something which just had to be tolerated and certainly not mentioned to anyone. I believed the only solution was to undergo a hysterectomy.

But I wasn’t ready for such a drastic step and thought that my doctor would say I was over-reacting. Surely a hysterectomy was only for “serious” medical cases and certainly not for women who were struggling to cope with something which is a normal part of female life?

My own life was now being affected quite significantly. Seasonal events and functions could only be agreed to if they occurred at the right time of the month. Holidays were a nightmare if my period came whilst away. Skiing holidays – not even remotely possible!

Even being at work was becoming an issue. I run my own business which requires me to divide my time between branches in Winchester and London. During the “time of the month” doing my job was a serious problem. On one occasion, I remember arriving at work wearing a white pair of trousers and realised that the 40 min drive to the office had left them soaked through and stained in blood. A quick return home was the only option – complete with the embarrassment of having to cancel a meeting at short notice.

I realised I had no choice but to seek help and was referred to Keith Louden, a Gynaechoice Consultant. He could not have been more helpful and reassuring. It was at that initial meeting that I discovered I was not alone with this problem and, more importantly, that there were a choice of solutions available to me. Mr Louden carefully explained the procedure he recommended for my particular condition. This was a Novasure endometrial ablation. He advised that it would only be appropriate if I was certain I did not want to have any more children.

Mr Louden told me it was a safe and simple procedure which could be carried out as a day patient in hospital. It was a one-off treatment which would not need to be repeated and recovery time would be very quick. The outcome would be much lighter and pain free bleeding or ideally no bleeding ever again. Well – it was an easy decision to make and the appointment could not come soon enough!

The big day arrived and as promised the procedure was quick and painless. It was performed under general anaesthetic so I have no memory of the actual treatment – which was fine by me! After a day in hospital and a few days rest at home, I was back at work with no pain or side effects.

Now, more than six months later, I have still not had another period. No bleeding, spotting, cramps, bloating, mood swings (my husband is very grateful) or crippling pain. All gone!

During the first few months I couldn’t quite believe this was true and worried that I was agreeing to professional and social commitments which I may not be able to attend. But it is real – not just a dream. How can such a simple treatment have such a profound effect on every part of my life?

I can now live normally without worrying about dates and cycles. It is easy to get used to this, and so now and again I have to remind myself that just one year ago it was a completely different story. I now have the freedom to do whatever I choose – and more importantly – when I want to do it!

Would I recommend the treatment to anyone else in the same circumstances? Absolutely without hesitation.

The Ski Trip is already booked for the winter season!!

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