Reversal of Sterilisation

We offer at Gynaechoice surgery for reversal of sterilisation and success rates are in excess of 70%. The method of sterilisation used will influence the outcome and those that do best have been sterilised through laparoscopic or keyhole surgery with clips. Those people who have been sterilised at the time of caesarean section usually have a less favourable outlook.

The success of the procedure will also be determined by your age and your partner’s fertility which would need to be tested prior to undergoing the operation. The operation itself involves microsurgery to remove the clip and damaged part of the fallopian tube and then re-join the two ends of the tubes. The operation usually requires 2 or 3 nights in hospital and a post operative recuperation of around 1 month. Usually all the appropriate tests can be arranged at your first outpatient consultation and then communicated to you by telephone or post confirming your suitability for surgery.

If you require more information or would like to talk to someone from Gynaechoice regarding a Reversal of Sterilisation procedure, please get in contact.

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