Price List

The prices below should be taken as a guide only. Factors such as the complexity of the surgery, the hospital where the surgery is to take place and the length of stay, will affect the final cost.


Initial consultation £190
Follow up Consultation £90

Out Patient Procedures

Colposcopy From £667
LLETZ From £1082
Cervical Smear £190 plus hospital costs
Insertion of Mirena £250 plus hospital charge
Hormone implants from £74 (plus cost of consultation)
Gardasil vaccine £460
Transvaginal & Pelvic ultrasound £220
Urodynamic investigations £441

Day Case Procedures

Hysteroscopy (D&C) From £1,844
Diagnostic laparoscopy From £2,525
Cystoscopy (general anaesthetic) From £1,337
Botox to bladder neck for urinary incontinence From £1,000

In Patient Procedures

Abdominal hysterectomy From £6,030
Vaginal hysterectomy From £6,106
Laparoscopic hysterectomy From £5,174
Repair of prolapse (anterior and posterior repair) From £3,684
Endometrial ablation (Novasure) From £3,158
Operative laparoscopy From £3,489
Reversal of sterilisation From £4,866
Sterilisation From £2,103
TVT (operation for stress incontinence) From £4,741
Labial reduction From £2,003

Outstanding Accounts 

Accounts issued to self-funding patients for consultations should be settled within one month. Insured patients whose benefits do not cover the entire treatment leading to a shortfall will be notified by their Insurance Company and will need to settle the outstanding account within one month.

If you have any queries regarding invoices please contact Sally-Anne Laing – Practice Manager at Nuffield Health Wessex Hospital.

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